Application UI design / Visual design / Figma / Creative suite

I collaborated with developers in Sweden to overhaul and enhance the user interface of the Exflow AP automation application, leading to a remarkable transformation in the user experience.

A central aspect of the redesign was the addition of a home screen hub that served as a gateway to tutorials, offering customers direct access to invaluable learning resources.

Working closely with the development team, I harnessed my expertise in user interface design to reimagine a simplified overhaul of the UI behavior, visual elements, interactions, and overall usability. By incorporating user-centered design principles, we streamlined the complex background workflows, simplified navigation, and improved visibility of key features and tools to align with user expectations.

The results of our efforts were outstanding, reflected in key metrics that demonstrated significant improvements.

User engagement increased, with a notable 30% increase in average session duration.

The redesigned interface also contributed to a substantial reduction in user errors, resulting in a 25% decrease in support ticket submissions related to UI confusion.

Furthermore, user feedback surveys indicated an 87% satisfaction rate, with users highlighting the enhanced intuitiveness and efficiency of the revamped interface.