I’m a designer with over 18 years experience in visual and UI design, who enjoys transforming complicated design and UX challenges into eye catching, intuitive design solutions.

About me

What experiences and skills make me a great candidate?

My diverse experience as a visual designer in technology, medical, automotive, travel, talent-acquisition and non-profit make me an excellent candidate for your role. I’ve helped design websites, application UI’s, and mobile apps for medium to large scale companies. Through a heuristic approach I have come to understand process not just from the creative but from the developers mindset, allowing me to collaborate and adapt efficiently while working with multi-disciplinary teams.

How do you stay creative when working on repetitive tasks or projects?

I listen to specific genres of music to stimulate creativity, as browse sites like Dribbble, Behance , Mobin and UX collective, allowing me to remain immersed in current trends and techniques. Some fresh air always helps to recharge creative juices as well. (Humans weren’t built to sit for long periods people!)

What is your design philosophy?

While i pride myself on creating high fidelity work, my design philosophy is:

Design for the user, minimize cognitive load by keeping things simple, and prioritize functionality.

What do you think is the most important aspect of visual design?

The most important aspect of visual design is effectively communicating information while providing a positive user experience. Visual consistency through intuitive visual hierarchy, clarity and coherence, are crucial to a successful experience.

Do you have experience presenting your work to clients or stakeholders?

Yes. In my experience i have presented work and concepts on the clients and stakeholder level, as right up to the leadership level.

How do you ensure quality is maintained ? And When given limited resources, how do you stay focused on meeting the project’s goals?

I create a design system comprised of all assets, typography, spacing, and components in my designs. This is essential to not just ensure quality is maintained through alignment, but also visual consistency when handing off to other designers and developers. If my role is a supporting designer I always request a design system if possible to make sure I meet the same expectations and if a design system doesn’t exist I create one. If resources are limited: